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About Me

Professional Profile

I am a passionate artist, bilingual, Art Director / Brand Strategist, conceptual thinker who understands cultural diversity. Self motivated and exceptional team player. Skilled in digital art/design, image manipulation and photography. Accustomed to balancing multiple projects and clients in deadline-driven environments. Problem solver with strong communication skills, with the desire to help businesses grow by solving challenging problems with positive solutions. Attentive to client needs, and known for my high level of productivity. Able to assemble and design complicated and attractive projects in short periods of time.

Technical Skills

Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, WordPress, Lightroom, Basic After Effects, Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design, Logo Design, Vehicle Wraps, Large Format Printing, Photography and Image Manipulation, Cross platform, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint.


Sr. Project Manager

“During my time at Arrowhead Advertising, I had the privilege of working with Ramon on the Hyundai account. He easily became my “go to” designer, quickly completing my endless list of projects. Regardless of the task – digital, print, billboards, emailers, or signage, he got the job done gracefully. If he had a question, he was sure to ask. His loyalty, commitment and efforts to get the job done are unwavering. Every agency needs a Ramon – great creative, quick turnaround, and dedication to only output great work.”

Jessica Ignacio-Mesa – September 15, 2015

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Owner at The Brand Smith Co.

paul“I’ve worked with Ramon for over 4 years now, both as the creative director of a vehicle wrap company and now the owner of The Brand Smith Co. where we specialize in building brands. My recommendation goes much deeper than talking about Ramon’s boundless design abilities as they are very apparent with his portfolio. He has a keen eye for form and function and has a thorough understanding of visual hierarchy…What you don’t know by looking at a designers portfolio is their character. I’ve hired and worked with a dozen designers in the last few years and what Ramon has is particularly special. His creative abilities in combination with his work ethic and determination on a project speaks wonders about his character. He’s loyal, passionate and someone I’m proud to work with.”

Paul Sebastian Melendez – October 8, 2014

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UX Senior Consultant I at Neudesic

laura“I recruited Ramon off LinkedIn because I was impressed by his portfolio but when I met him on the interview – he impressed me with his professionalism. He was poised, prepared and dedicated. He has a special quality that is hard to find amongst other designers, he looks at his work as a career and is driven to move his way up the ranks. It was a pleasure to have him on my team, and he would be a positive force in any organization.”

Laura Martinez – October 6, 2014

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Owner at Tap Rack Bang Creative

josh“Ramon has been 100% consistent with the work he’s done for me; creative, detail oriented, and punctual on all accounts. He takes direction well, yet is able to think outside personal confinements most young designers fall prey to. Finding a dedicated, skillful, AND reliable graphic designer is rare, and I highly recommend him.”

Josh Locatis – June 6, 2011

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